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of course! the last drink goes out to you anon! congrats!! valentines event 2022.. closed. synopsis: zhongli, xiao, and venti catching you sleep with a teddy bear.. CW: sagau, yandere, self awareness, cult au, fluff!. "/>. But of course, something has to go wrong. This is a Reader X Xiao book Reader is gender neutral! ~᯽ ᪥ᴥ᪥ ᯽~ Y/n was held captive for years before stumbling upon a boy ... has passed, and boy pushes Y/n away. Their God's voice taunts Y/n in their mind. 4:44 ; pairing: diluc x f!reader mcs: reader, diluc, jean, zhongli , childe, xiao. ayanamicosplay asked: Hello~ would like to request.

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